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Lock Installation for a More Secure Home

01/28/2014 Back To Blog

Locks are known as one of the most vital components to any system of security. When you are moving to a new home or into a commercial complex it is always best if you go for a new lock installation in order to provide your home with more security.

Install the Same Brand

When you are deciding on a new lock, try to use the same brand on all of your doors. This will ensure that you maintain the same quality of locksets on your doors. If you can’t afford to matchup all of the doors, definitely make sure the front and rear exterior doors have the same type of lockset.

Types of Installations

There are many different solutions to changing locks that are available. An individual might choose to re-key it or just completely replace it with a new one. When an individual goes for lock re-key, the main focus would be on changing the passwords, combinations or keys to fit the new ones. When you go with this solution, the old keys will no longer be able to work on the new one, meaning everyone who had keys to the home previously would need new keys in order to gain access.

Additional Solutions

Another great option for installation is completely changing it. The customer might install their own to replace the old ones. This doesn't require that you have any special tools like it would with re-keying. Although, if the customer has a complex system of locks and not enough experience or time to change them, they might need professional service. Most of the time, you will find that nowadays most of them have re-key options or passwords that you can change.

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