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Our technicians are skilled in providing solutions to your lock related problems.

To know more about our services, take the time to read our FAQs. The following answers will help you deal with common key issues and you will know what to do next time your locks need repair or replacement.

Is it possible to get a master key for my house?

It is possible, according to the team at Locksmith Scottsdale, for homeowners to secure a master key for their house. Certain display models are master keyed. A reliable locksmith may help you make the best decision by providing guidance through everything that you need to know in availing the highest form of security for your house.

Is it possible to hire a locksmith for my car lockout concerns?

Locksmith services also include providing assistance to automobile lockouts. Therefore, if you experience the said scenario, rather than forcing entry and risking the security of your vehicle, you may call for an emergency assistance. With this in mind, it is vital to secure your keys all the time.

What is an interior lockset?

This is a type of lock that gives you privacy and security simultaneously. It has a button inside for locking but no key device on the entire. Thus if you are in the bathroom then only you can let someone in. Emergency break-ins are possible.

How often should I rekey my home?

If your locks have served your home well and they aren’t completely worn down, then there is normally no reason to rekey once home. You should only do so when you feel as though the security of your home has been compromised and needs a new set of locks. Generally, one never really needs to rekey their home.

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