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Keeping Control over Your Visitors

01/01/2014 Back To Blog

When the doorbell rings and you don't expect any visitors, the noise may even irritate you if you are in the middle of something, but this could be an innocent annoyance. On the other hand, it could also alarm you. You would wonder: do intruders knock on doors? Oh, yes, they do! It's the new method since they want to test whether someone would come to the door or even check who is inside or take a quick look of the door locks. They pretend to be salesmen and they come up with all sorts of ideas to approach a soon to be targeted house. Some come at night. No doorbells or any locomotion. They check the perimeter of the house on their own pace and whether you keep the windows open. Now if you have forgotten to do lock repair or they find the back door unlocked, they will get to action right away or bring their friends the following night.

Take control over your home

Take matters into your hands. You don't have to put up a huge sign saying that you are ruthless, but take care of the security door locks, the windows, study the recent technologies and even become a locksmith for a day engaging on locksmith services.

Your security starts at your gate and a smart intercom will definitely help you see who is standing at your door. It goes without saying that you must have the garage door repaired properly and the remote controls secured and it would be clever to install lights all around the house. Though, the most important thing is to have the locks replaced because it is one thing seeing someone in the yard and completely different sensing that someone is attempting to break in. In this case, you can rest assured that modern locks are reliable and strong. On the other hand, intruders don't like messing with complicated high tech systems and usually proceed with other less protected premises.

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